Due to extreme weather temperatures this week, our drivers will be on early start schedules. Please have your carts/cans out by 6:00 am. Thank you!

Attn:  City of Shelton Residents & Business Owners
Mason County Garbage will be your new refuse and recycling provider starting July 1st.
Starting June 26, please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding your services.

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Christmas Bike Promise 2016

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Each December, Mason County Garbage partners with organizations to purchase and assemble bikes to give away to local children at Christmas time.

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Mason County Garbage - Commitment to the Community

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Local Service Donations

Mason County Garbage & Recycling has given back to the communities in the Mason County area, including but not limited to, the following.

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Mason County Garbage and Recycling has been a proud member of the greater Shelton, WA community since the 1950’s.

We are also proud to be a member of the Waste Connections waste management and recycling family, an energy-conscious, reliable and cost-effective waste disposal company that boasts the consistency and structure of a major nationwide waste management company all while providing the heart and soul of a local community based operation.


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