What happens when my road is closed or there are no pick-ups due to weather conditions?

Under our tariff from the Washington State Department of Utilities and Transportation, pick ups may be missed due to weather or road conditions. If the accumulated material (solid waste or recyclables) is collected on the next scheduled or available pick up date, the company is not obligated to extend credit for the missed pick up.  Customers will not be charged for overfilled containers or for additional material in bags placed next to the normal container provided the extra does not exceed a reasonable amount due to the missed pickup.

At Mason County Garbage our office will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We can still be reached by phone at 360-426-8729 or toll free at 877-722-0223.

We provide an essential service within our communities and strive to meet our customer commitments.


Mason County Garbage and Recycling provides drop box service to Shelton and throughout Mason County on an on-call basis. Sizes for standard containers are approximate as some containers are shorter and taller. Standard containers available for drop box service are:


Provided to recycle construction materials, concrete, asphalt, and wood.

  • 10 Yard - 11' long x 8' wide x 3' high
  • 20 Yard - 17' long x 8' wide x 6' high
  • 40 Yard - 21' long x 8' wide x 9' high
Drop Box Illustration



The following materials are not accepted as solid waste and should not allowed in the drop boxes:

  • No dirt, bricks, concrete, or asphalt paving are accepted. Incidental materials such as dirt and rocks that might get scooped up and deposited in the container are okay.

We can provide container service to recycle these materials. Please contact Concrete Recyclers at 360-570-1562 to set up an account. Standard haul charges apply in addition to round trip mileage charges from job site to recycler.

  • Hazardous waste: This includes but is not limited to pesticides, fertilizers, paints and paint products (thinners, tints, paint remover, etc.), solvents, fuels, oil, aerosols, ballasts containing PCB's asbestos, and any materials contaminated with any of these products.
  • Liquid wastes: Anything that will make it through a paint filter is too wet for us to take.
  • Explosives, Flammables, and Ammunition: This would include any flares, blasting, caps, and any unstable materials that could spontaneously ignite or explode.
  • Biohazard and Contaminated Medical Wastes.
  • Biosolids:  We cannot take biosolids. We do however take screenings from facilities. Biosolids must be handled in accordance with applicable Washington State Law.
  • Radioactive Wastes.
  • Biosolids: We cannot take biosolids. We do however take screenings from facilities. Biosolids must be handled in accordance with applicable Washington State Law.
  • No Pressurized Cylinders. This includes all propane and gas cylinders as well as fire extinguishers.
  • Fuel tanks must be empty and those over 5 gallons must be opened to verify that they are empty and free of explosive gasses. This also applies to bung top 55-gallon drums. Fuel tanks and crankcases on any machinery should be drained and all oil and fuel removed.
  • Titled vehicles must be accompanied with released title.
  • Demolition should be broken down to smaller than 4'x 8'. Lumber should be 8' or less if possible.
  • No stumps larger that 6" in diameter or longer than 8'.
  • No engine blocks, transmissions.
  • Televisions
  • All refrigerators and freezers must have the doors removed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-722-0223 or the Mason County Transfer Station at 360-427-5271 for further information.


If you have had the need recently for "drop box" service, you may have seen written solicitations from several companies, which seem to offer this service. They cannot legally do so; nor can they even try to solicit your business legally.

They are "waste brokers" who charge you, the customer, a fee for nothing more than calling Mason County Garbage to deliver the container and haul it away. This is because the solid waste collection and transportation industry in Washington State is regulated and restricted. Only Mason County Garbage has the legal right to collect and transport solid waste in unincorporated Mason County.

It is not only illegal for another entity to do so, it is illegal to advertise such service (Revised Code of Washington 81.77.040). Please do not be taken in by these "brokers." Mason County Garbage's rates are set by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) and are contained in its tariff, which is available on the WUTC website.

If you deal with a "broker," all you are doing is paying more for exactly the same service you would receive by calling Mason County Garbage directly, and you are also unwittingly assisting in an illegal activity.

If you have any questions, contact the Utilities and Transportation Commission at 360-664-1160 or online at or call Mason County Garbage at 360-426-8729 or Toll free at 877-722-0223.

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