At Mason County Garbage our office will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We can still be reached by phone at 360-426-8729 or toll free at 877-722-0223. We are closely monitoring the current situation and are following guidance from the CDC, WHO, and our state and local public health officials. We recognize that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has tremendous unknowns and could cause unanticipated service delays, service interruptions, or unusually high call volumes.  

We provide an essential service within our communities and strive to meet our customer commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the service area for Mason County Garbage and Recycling?

We provide residential garbage service to residents of Mason County who live outside of the Shelton city limits under the rules and regulations of the Washington Utilities and Transportation commission.  We provide residential and commercial garbage services in the City of Shelton under a contract with the City and ordinance Chaper 8.08 of the Shelton Municipal Code.

Q:  How do set up Garbage and Recycling Services?

Call us at 360-426-8729 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday or email us.

Q:  How often do you pick up?

We offer weekly, every other week, monthly and on call schedules. City of Shelton residents please check the City of Shelton tab.

Q.  What is the final destination of our solid waste?

Solid waste from Belfair and Tahuya is transported to Olympic View Transfer Station in Port Orchard.  Waste Management then transports it by train to their landfill in Arlington, WA.

Solid waste from the rest of Mason County is transported to the Transfer Station on EELLS Hill Road in Shelton, WA.  Then it is trucked to Chehalis and placed on a train to the Roosevelt landfill in Goldendale, WA.


Q:  Why aren't plastic bags allowed in the recycling containers?

Please view this:  Plastic bags clog the recycling equipment (pdf).  Most large grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling.

Q:  Do I need to purchase a cart for garbage service?

Mason County Garbage will supply a garbage and recycle cart for your service. Please check sizes in the residential tab.

Q:  What is the difference between a drop box container and a storage container?

A Drop Box container is open and used for large scale waste removal, such as for remodeling projects. Storage containers are sealed and used for temporary storage of goods. Our storage containers are clean and dry with wood floor and walls and a security locking system.

Q:  What items can I recycle at home?

On the Residential section of the website we have a link to Recycling Reminders in English and Spanish.

Q:  What is and isn't recyclable on a commercial scale?

For a complete list of what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable for recycling, visit our Commercial Recycling page or give us a call at 877-722-0223

Q:  Are trash and recycling picked up on holidays?

Please see our Holiday Schedule on the contact page for more details.

 Q:  What if I have extra garbage or recycling?

Please place extra garbage in a 32 gallon bag or garbage can with your address marked. The driver will transfer it to the cart for dumping into his truck. There are charges for extra garbage. Please place extra recycling materials in a bag or box next to your recycle cart. The driver will transfer it to the cart for dumping into his truck. There is no charge for extra recycling materials. Please contact our office if you have a significant amount of cardboard or oversize cardboard. The normal truck cannot pick up large pieces of cardboard. Our office will dispatch another truck for pick up. There is no charge for this service.

Q:  Why must I stay on my every other week schedule?

You are billed automatically for the pick up service that you requested when you signed up. If you place your cart out on your "off" week, you will be charged for an extra pick up. Please contact our office to change your weeks of service or to get you back on schedule.

Q:  I have neighbors that share my pick up location, how does the driver identify my cart?

Carts have a serial number that the driver uses to identify customer addresses.

Q:  What are considered extra cart charges?

Any material outside or on top of your cart is billed as extra, or if you place your cart out on the "off" week. If you have a problem with people leaving items at your stop, please notify our office and we will request the driver to pick up your cart only.

Q:  Why must my cart be out by 6 AM?

Our drivers leave our facility at 6 AM and begin their routes shortly thereafter. Although your regular driver comes at a particular time each week, there can be route, driver or unanticipated changes that may alter the time of your pick up. If you are missed for any reason please call our office. If the driver is still in the area, we will dispatch him to pick you up, however if your driver is out of the area, there will be a return trip charge.

Q:  What do I do if my cart wasn't picked up?

If you are missed for any reason, please call our office at 877-722-0223. If the driver is still in the area, we will dispatch him to pick up your cart, however if your driver is out of the area, there will be a return trip charge.

Q:  Where do I place my cart for pickup?

Please place all carts within 3-5 feet of the curb by 6AM. Allow 3-5 feet of clearance between each cart and surrounding obstructions to help ensure service.

Q:  What can be done to keep animals out of my trash cart?

Please keep the cart lid closed.

Q:  Why am I charged for service when I leave for the winter or vacation?

Our billing system automatically charges your account for the service level that you requested when you signed up for service. We do not bill manually except for any extra you may have placed out. If you leave for an extended period of time, please contact our office to stop your service as until notified your account continues to be billed. Your service is similar to other utilities such as phone and power companies. Your service level is billed to you automatically and any extra is then billed.

Q:  How can I pay my bill?

We send billing statements every month to commercial accounts and every two months for residential accounts. You can mail a check or money order with your remittance stub in the enclosed envelope found in your statement, or mail in your remittance stub with your credit card information, or stop at our office and pay in person or call our office and pay with your credit card.  You can visit the Online Bill Pay button at the top of our site to set up pay online. Please no postdated checks. Payments received after the due dates are not reflected on your next month's statement, but will appear on the next statement. Please email or call our local office for service changes. Notes and letters sent with your payments do not always come back to our local office.

Q:  What happens when my road is closed or there are no pick-ups due to weather conditions?

Under our tariff from the Washington State Department of Utilities and Transportation, pick ups may be missed due to weather or road conditions. If the accumulated material (solid waste or recyclables) is collected on the next scheduled or available pick up date, the company is not obligated to extend credit for the missed pick up.  Customers will not be charged for overfilled containers or for additional material in bags placed next to the normal container provided the extra does not exceed a reasonable amount due to the missed pickup.

4 Guidelines for Safe and Great Service

We love to provide great service, but we also need to ensure that our employees and the community stay safe and that our routes run on time. Making sure you get the best service is simple. Listed below are four helpful tips to avoid fees and hassles.

  • Please place all carts within 3-5 feet of the curb by 6AM. Allow 3-5 feet of clearance between each cart and surrounding obstructions to help ensure service.
  • Please be sure to close all cart lids completely to avoid an overfull fee.
  • Please report missed collections by contacting customer service at or 877-722-0223. If your cart was not accessible at the time of service, a return trip fee may be assessed.
  • Please select the appropriate size cart for your home when you begin service. New customers can modify the size of their garbage cart once at no additional charge. Additional changes will be charged a cart replacement fee.

Please email or call our Shelton, WA waste collection office at 360-426-8729 to set up service.

Mason County Garbage and Recycling
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