What happens when my road is closed or there are no pick-ups due to weather conditions?

Under our tariff from the Washington State Department of Utilities and Transportation, pick ups may be missed due to weather or road conditions. If the accumulated material (solid waste or recyclables) is collected on the next scheduled or available pick up date, the company is not obligated to extend credit for the missed pick up.  Customers will not be charged for overfilled containers or for additional material in bags placed next to the normal container provided the extra does not exceed a reasonable amount due to the missed pickup.

At Mason County Garbage our office will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We can still be reached by phone at 360-426-8729 or toll free at 877-722-0223.

We provide an essential service within our communities and strive to meet our customer commitments.

Important Recycling Notice

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On January 1, 2018, China banned the import of many recyclable materials and lowered the contamination rate for recyclables not covered by the ban to 0. 5%.

Most of the recycling materials from the West Coast have been sold to China for many years. The new policies have reduced the amount of recycling materials sold to China and resulted in commodity prices dropping to a negative value. Material recovery facilities have scrambled to find new markets to accept the recycle materials and have instituted new machinery and procedures to clean recycle materials to a low contamination percentage.

There is continuing market uncertainty even for materials not covered by the ban. China is now
conducting strict inspections of recyclables at U.S. facilities. Even materials that meet the new 0.5% contaminant threshold will still be rejected if any banned material is found. For example, an entire allotment of 10 or more shipping containers will be disallowed if a single bottle with dried juice inside is found during an inspection of materials that otherwise meet the 0. 5% threshold.

Recycling programs are being re- evaluated across the United States. In Washington State Counties andCities are seeing substantial impacts to their recycling programs. The increased costs and related problems are resulting in closures of facilities, elimination of collecting certain recyclables, and landfilling of contaminated recyclables.

Mason County, the City of Shelton, and Mason County Garbage are committed to providing recycling opportunities to our customers through City of Shelton and Mason County curbside services, commercial recycling services, and the Mason County Blue boxes located at each transfer station. Your providers want to continue to provide the level of service that Mason County residents have come to expect but they need your help in reducing the contamination percentage of our recyclables.

Please review the web pages at http://www.masoncountygarbage.com/residential
for how to prepare your materials and accepted materials for each of these services. Blue box information is available at http://www.co.mason.wa.us/utilities-waste/solid-waste/index.php

Source separation of recyclables from garbage is the first step. Recyclables must also be empty, clean, and dry. If you do not know whether something can be recycled, throw it in the garbage.


If you have any questions you can contact Bart Stepp, Mason County Public Works, at 360-427- 9670, Ext. 199.

Randy Neatherlin, Chair
Terri Drexler, Vice Chair
Kevin Shutty, Commissioner

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Mason County Garbage and Recycling has been a proud member of the greater Shelton, WA community since the 1950’s.

We are also proud to be a member of the Waste Connections waste management and recycling family, an energy-conscious, reliable and cost-effective waste disposal company that boasts the consistency and structure of a major nationwide waste management company all while providing the heart and soul of a local community based operation.


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